Weekly Meeting - MP Chuck Strahl, Democratic Representative Party

Chuck Strahl delivers Passionate Message 'September 11, 2001 was supposed to be known as the "20th Anniversary of the UN Day of Peace". In a twist of sad and horrible irony, the Secretary General had used that day to call for an end to hostilites around the globe. Instead, the world watched in horror as history's most despicable terrorist act unfolded before their eyes, and in a sad - and perphaps inevidable way, another generation has seen an end to innocence. All of us will be able to describe where we were and what we were doing when we first saw or heard of Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

September 11th set a line in history for our generation - the time BEFORE attack and the time AFTER attack. Our time of innocence is over. Our generation needs to take the torch that was fought for so hard and so long ago and to move forward with it. Our generation has lived an illusion of false precepts - no war - the war had been fought and it was over for all time. Now the reality - Our Wake Up Call. The horrible wake up call of September 11, 2001 will change us all. Terrorists, their fundraising activities, their threats, intimidation and murder must now be met head on by a new generation of people who agree with Martin Luther King Jr. that "threats against freedom anywhere are threats against freedom everywhere." We've been awakened from our lethargy, and we dare not go back to sleep.'

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