Weekly Meeting - Mike Nemesvary fresh from his round the world trip

The First Quadraplegic to Drive Around the World Unassisted

Just back from his 20 country "Round the World Challenge" Mike spoke of the adjustments of going from being a world class competitive freestyle skier at 24 to the challenges of quadraplegia, after a freak training accident. Using a multi-media presentation Mike gave the audience a clear and moving picture of the pinnacles he climbed towards attaining full independence. While he knows what it's like to be dependent on others for the most basic of human needs, if you look past the wheelchair, you see that his life is still full of goals and accomplishments, work and travel, friends and colleagues. The same qualities that allowed him to succeed in his sport, also allowed him to tackle his new life head-on. He is still competitive, tenacious, intensely focussed and fiercely goal-driven. As Mike says "The rules have changed, but the game goes on."

For further information please consult the 'Round the World Challenge' Web site at http://www.roundtheworldchallenge.org

Thought for the Week: Don’t be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.

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