Weekly Meeting - Michel Juneau-Katsuya - CEO The Northgate Group

Michel Juneau-Katsuya gave us some insight as to the root causes of Terrorism and the need for all of us to get involved in finding out more about different cultures. Despite the significant dollar investment in fighting terrorism, the reality is it still flourishes. At present there are 50 known Terrorist groups operating in Canada, with over 350 active files of known or suspected terrorists. Supporters of these causes are too numerous to count. Those involved with Sept 11 th in fact got in through the front door – 9 were identified for a second screening alert by Immigration, but managed to get through. Canada is a good place for terrorist organizations because they can train, hide, collect donations and recruit young people. Diplomatic, Economic factors play a significant part in fighting terrorism, but at the community level we need to also get involved.

Michel can be reached at Northgate Group 613-254-9300 x 225 or by email: mjuneau-katsuya@ngglobal.com.

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