Weekly Meeting - Michael Lysko, CFL Commissioner

Four hundred enthusiastic members and guests filled a sold out luncheon Friday, as we welcomed our new CFL team, the Ottawa Renegades http://www.ottawarenegades.net, back in style! Balloons, buttons, raffle prizes worth over $2,000, a Dixie Land Band, "Guiness Book of Records" size ribs, Renegade hats, shirts and season ticket passes . . . mix this with former CFL and Hall of Famers, former Rough Riders and Sports Media from then and now, along with an enthusiastic crowd and WOW what a day!

CFL http://www.cfl.ca/ Commissioner Michael Lysko was joined by Head Coach Joe Paopao, Brad Watters the new owner, Russ Jackson, former Rough Rider quarterback, club member and former CFLer Bill Siekierski, Tom Pullen, former Rough Rider tight end (and member of our club), Moe the Toe Racine, also a member of our club, and former All Star Rough Rider, along with Ron Stewart and Joe Poirier, who kept the crowd in stitches as they retold "tales from the past".

The press were there, as Bill Siekierki's dream unfolded. The new RO, CJOH, and CBC all featured stories, as well as the Citizen and the Sun! The Renegades are here!

Owner of the Renegades, Brad Watters, Russ Jackson hands off to new coach Joe Paopao CFL Commissioner Micheal Lysko

To get a feel for how it looked, check out the on-line photo album /jamie/2002-01-25Renegades/index.htm of pictures taken by Doug Millar http://www.dougmillarphotography.com

Congratulations and Thanks

Congratulations and thanks to Bill Siekierski who dared to dream and made it happen; to Peter Charbonneau and the Program Committee; to Derek Finley who took on the mammoth task of comptroller; to Janet Dodds who coordinated the raffle team; to the five raffle teams consisting of Kent Wilkinson and Mike St. Louis, Steve Moore and Janet Dodds, Val Wilkins and Alan MacIntyre, Shirley Tomblin and Peggy Clark, Paul Poggione and Steve Georgopolous; to Dominic D'Arcy for the music; to Marcia Saipe for coordinating the Dixie Land Band and decorations; to Shirley Tomblin the "behind the scenes" master coordinator; to Jamie Johnson for developing and coordinating the press release and promotions; to Kathryn Davies at the Chateau Laurier for her ability to be continuously flexible and make constant changes; to Steve Weeks for the name tags; and to Linda Campbell for assisting Derek at registration.

Dreams and Teamwork - Success. It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance for any bird flying alone - Teamwork. Well done!

Raffle an Outstanding Success

With six outstanding prize packages donated by the Ottawa Regenades and the Canadian Football League worth over $2,000, our five raffle ticket selling teams did an outstanding job selling 965 tickets in less than a half hour! The raffle brought in $4,825!

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