Weekly Meeting - MEGA Meeting of District 12+13 Kiwanis Clubs

The first Mega Meeting for Division 12 and 13 was a success! Thanks to Kathleen Holst, Chair of the Ottawa club's Interclub Committee, who almost single-handedly orchestrated this event. Eighteen clubs attended, with approximately 100 members in total, and welcomed EC&C District Governor Dr. John Button. Governor John reminded us of the importance of Kiwanis to 'make a difference in the world, one child at a time'. He reviewed some startling statistics on the great need and highlighted the activities of Kiwanis around the world. He urged everyone to Make A Big Noise, and let Kiwanis be seen! Wear your t-shirts and hats, put your Kiwanis mugs on your desk!

Thank you to Paul Kavanagh, father of Kevin Kavanagh, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West, who closed the meeting with some good Irish humour.

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