Weekly Meeting - Medical Foundation Luncheon - Dr. Tony Hakim

Ron Wing introduced Dr. Antoine Hakim, noting that, in addition to receiving extensive awards and achievements for being a hero in his field, he was recently awarded the Order of Canada. Dr. Hakim said “mom would be proud, dad wouldn’t believe a word of it”, for which he counts his blessings, and for his many associations with organizations like Kiwanis. He spoke clearly about the dangers of Stroke, which generally have very obvious, and very sudden, physical changes to speech, mobility, and sensations, etc.

The Canadian Stroke registry tabulated that Canadians are suffering from strokes every 10 minutes, resulting in 50,000 Canadians each year. This is based on big strokes, the ones where patients are rushed to the Er by their families, and often resulting in paralysis. New findings that forced them to look more deeply have proven that it is more than double that figure, with 1 every 5 minutes. This new information is based on the careful review of smaller strokes - those that show tiny blood vessels getting blocked – which were not previously a part of the study. Cognitive abilities are affected but usually no other signs of a stroke are evident, and if you have enough of the tiny strokes, others will notice a change in your behaviour as well. These findings may also help explain the deficits in dementia. All Strokes have the same risk factors - higher than normal blood pressure, a bit of excess weight, a bit of smoking – and, they are All Preventable.

Some helpful recommendations

Measure your blood pressure at least every 3 months, or get a machine and do it at home. Get nosey with spouse and/or your family members – get them to check their blood pressure. Quit smoking and convince your family and friends to do the same. Get rid of the Salt! which raises your blood pressure. Read the salt / sodium content on your food labels - keep it under 200 mg.

Children as young as 12 are also developing hypertension/high blood pressure due to the sodium in their soft drinks along with their lack of exercise.

New Member Darren Fleming

We welcomed our newest member, Darren Fleming, Senior Advisor / Broker with Gvadevencore Worldwide, who was sponsored by Patrick McGarry. An Ottawa native with a history of community service, Darren was a Governor General’s Foot Guard reservist for 5 years, finishing as an officer, and will be a welcome addition to our Cadets Committee. He and his wife Susan, and their 18-mth old daughter, Emma, live in the Centretown area. Be sure to introduce yourself to Darren and make him feel welcome. Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, Darren!

President’s Rose – Kathleen Holst “One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Kathleen Holst was formerly a member of our club from 1996 to 2001, moved to Bc for a short period of time, and returned to our Club in 2002, sponsored by Jane Flain. She has Chaired our Iodine Deficiency Disorders Committee, Oktoberfest Committee and our Interclub, Sports and Social Committee, in 2003-04 and again in 2004-05. In 2005, she organized our first Mega Interclub Meeting of all 18 clubs in our Division when we hosted District Governor John Button. This was the first time that all the Clubs in Division 12 and 13 were together for any event, in many years. This year she is leading a small but strong and enthusiastic Interclub committee which plans fun and entertaining events for our club members and their families that are well-attended and often sold out. She is also ensuring that we are visiting other Kiwanis clubs in our Division on a regular basis. Kathleen’s motivation and enthusiasm make her a terrific all-around Kiwanian and anyone who has worked with her, will confirm that “if you want something done, and you give it to Kathleen, you know you won’t have to follow up with her, and it will be done”. Thanks for Making a Difference Kathleen!

Raffle Prize

Congratulations to Mike Braganza, uOttawa Kiwanis Circle K student, who won the raffle of a silver necklace and pendant from Mexico, donated by Ron Wing. (however it is on its way in a suitcase which did not make it home with Ron and Marilyn!) . Thank you all for contributing, $81.00 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $110.00.

Next Luncheon Meeting

Ken Bickley, Lawyer and Kiwanis Cub of Ottawa member since 1994 "Swimmin' with the 'dorphins" or…Hands-on Gelotology For years it has been long known that laughter is good medicine and even biblically sanctioned. Laughter is a universal language, and, as Mark Twain said, "The human race has only one really effective weapon, and that's laughter." Martin Luther was quoted as saying, "If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there." 
Derived from yoga, and supported by modern science, comes the innovation of the Laughter Club, a place where you can laugh your stress away. Presently over 1,500 Laughter Clubs exist throughout the world, and February has been named "National Laugh Friendly Month". So on February 29th, Kiwanis will experience the World Laughter Tour.

Luncheon Line-Up

Mar.7 Dr. Jacques Lemelin, Chair Department of Family Medicine, “Sharing Proactive Solutions to improve access to Family Physicians, lower Health Care costs and improve care”

Mar.14 Linda Eagen, President & Ceo Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation “Eastern Ontario’s Answer to Cancer” and the great fundraising efforts as recently seen with their successful Telethon.

Mar.21 * No Meeting Scheduled – Easter Long Weekend

Mar.28 Circle K Luncheon – Grete Hale, Chair of Morrison Lamothe

Apr.4 ** 7:30 – 9:00am… We Are Moving…. to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club for our Golf Tournament Committee Breakfast, 
Danielle Nadon, Tournament Co-Chair for the Cn Canadian Women’s (Lpga) Open

Apr.11 Official Visit of the Ec&C District Governor Chuck McIlravey
 – all Kiwanis Clubs are invited!

Apr.18 Kiwanis Music Festival / Canterbury High School Choir - James Caswell

Apr.25 Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail’s National Affairs Columnist

Committee Meetings

Mon.Feb.25 Cadets 7:00pm, Cartier Square Drill Hall Tue.Feb.26 Membership 7:00pm, Ian Peddie‘s home Club

Elections for the Board of Directors for 2008-09 are coming! Our Club By-Laws State that “The Elections Committee shall send out to each, Active, Privileged and Senior member in good standing a nominating ballot, which shall list in alphabetical order, all Active, Privileged and Senior members of the Club”. 
 This list will contain only those names of the Club members in good standing as defined in Article 5; a member is not in good standing if (“a member being two (2) months in arrears in the payment of dues and/or financial obligations”). 
Please make sure that your Account is up-to-date at the Kiwanis office, to ensure that you have voting privileges. If you have any questions about the balance of your account, please contact Mike Kruger. Thank you.

The Club’s Primary Ballot for the elections of next year’s Board of Directors will be mailed out on March 31, 2008.

Direct Assistance Committee

The Britannia Woods Community House, in partnership with the National Capital Ymca-Ywca, operates a small community centre for residents of a social housing community in the west end of Ottawa. They provide barrier free programs and services to individuals and families and offer intensive leadership programming for youth who are faced with many obstacles in accessing resources and programs. Their goal is to get youth connected to programs outside of the community. Part of their fundraising this year is their “Pitch-In Canada Cell Phone Drive”. For every old cell phone collected they collect $1.00. Their goal is to collect 1000 cell phones so they can purchase bus tickets, rent buses and buy equipment and supplies for their youth programs. If you can donate an old cell phone, contact Andrea Maskell, Britannia Woods Community House, 613-820-0853. Accessories by Sid

The Kiwanis Club of Bytown is presenting a tea and fashion show, “Accessories by Sid”, on Sunday, April 27, 2008, 1:30pm at the Centurion Restaurant, 170 Colonnade Road S. The tickets are $35 each. Proceeds will be going to causes which are supported by the Club, i.e. women, children (camperships and literacy) and seniors in particular. We are hoping to sell at least 200 tickets for this fun event. Sid puts on a wonderful show, and his accessories are reasonable and within reach of all budgets! Do make up a table of eight if you can. Or come on your own with a friend and you will be seated by us at a table at which you will enjoy good company. Step into spring and support worthy causes in your community. Tickets are available through Shirley Bradley, shirley.bradley@rogers.com or 613-226-3657, or even by fax at 613-226-5220. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Some men have been addressed here. Please tell your wives or partners about this event or come yourselves! Engagement A Kiwanian is a volunteer who agrees to commit their time, talent energy and resources to be actively engaged in Kiwanis Club of Ottawa activities.