Weekly Meeting - Mayor Bob Chiarelli

Mario Sciuto, President of the Kiwanis Club of Acireale, Sicily, was very grateful for the warm welcome they received in Ottawa and is excited about Twinning with the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa-Vanier and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. He looks at this as a bridge between Ottawa, Canada and Acireale, Sicily. Past Governor of the District of Italy, Matteo Calabretta, reiterated the joining of the new world and the old and was pleased to witness the solidity of our commitment through our twinning and looks forward to the day that they can host our members.

Mayor Bob Chiarelli gave a warm Italian welcome to our Sicilian guests stressing how we can remain strong in times of fast-paced growth and change. He spoke of the success of the International Summit and how you can tell how successful a meet-ing will be by the types of shoes under the table - how you can affect all people.

THANK YOU to Sister Maco Cassetta for acting as our on-the-spot translator, and to Dominic D'Arcy for getting the room going with his foot-stomping, hand-clapping musical talents, as always. Thank you as well to Marco Pagani, a friend of Paul Poggione, who was our Italian Accordianist, and to everyone who helped with this special luncheon.

Thought for the Week From Samuel Johnson - a man who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority.

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