Weekly Meeting - Marion Dewar, Project 4000

Marion Dewar was delightful in her presentation on Project 4000, explaining that she was one for thinking globally and acting locally. She noted that Canada was to accept 8,000 refugees and with the help of the media and the citizens in our county, 50,000 people left Vietnam, some with their families, to make a new life in Canada. Project 4000 saw 4000 people arrive in Ottawa with the help of Mrs. Dewar and Dr. Can Le. Another guest speaker, Nheung Hoang, was a young girl when she arrived in Ottawa with her younger brother. She told us her story with details about the terrible boat trip, the frightening authorities, and how she adapted to life in Canada, without much help upon their arrival. After 9 years, she sponsored both her parents into Canada and she has since completed her degree in Sociology and Law. She then sang a song of the beauty of our country.

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