Weekly Meeting - Legion of Honour/New Members’ Induction

A Day of Honour and Recognition

What a great turnout - 110 members attended our luncheon where we recognized all 36 past Legion of Honor recipients and 11 who are celebrating their quinquennial anniversaries this year. Past President Marcia Saipe did a super job giving them the credit they deserve for a total of 350 years of dedication to Kiwanis.

Tom Spence 25 years , Barry Weatherdon 45 years , Allan Castledine 50 years!, Ross Hadwen 25 years and Barry Nicholds 25 years.

Five of the eleven Legion of Honor members who are celebrating their quinquennial anniversary this year. (Missing: Father Barry McGrory 35 years, Hap Nicholds 35 years, Chris Fournier 30 years Larry Nelms 30 years, and Howard Lithwick 25 years)

Congratulations as well to the 11 new members who were officially inducted today. Rear: Kevin Keohane, Sheri Farahani, John Sabourin, Bryan Healey, Front: Robert Fisher, Victor Ferreira, Dominic Ferrarotto, Larry Parisien and Mike Flint. 10 of the 11 new members officially inducted. (Missing - Paul Nemeth) Lt. Governor Ron Wing was awarded Distinguished Lt. Governor by Past Governor Elke McCumbe.

Sam Bhargava was delightfully surprised to be welcomed as a member of the Mel Osborne Fellowship for his work with the Young Children Priority One Committee.

The late Past President Harry Brown was inducted into the Kiwanis Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon only 18 former members of our club in 84 years! Mark Max had the honor of unveiling a framed photograph of the late Past President Harry Brown as Past President Wayne Beaudoin officially inducted Harry as the 19th member to be in the Kiwanis Hall of Fame, in 84 years. Harry’s nephew Peter Brown, and friends of the family, Win Canty, Ron Corrigan and Jean Latremouille were proud to attend.

Thought For The Week from President Ed: With all the honor and recognition shown to so many today, it must mean that the sole purpose of the rest of us it to serve as a warning to others!

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