Weekly Meeting - Legion of Honour/New Members’ Induction

What a meeting! I'm sure those in attendance would agree that the pride in the room was abundant, and rightly so! Past President Tom Pullen did a great job as Chair of recognizing the 17 Legion of Honour inductees and gave a bit of history on each member.

Front Row: Mike Lundy, Larry Haffner, George Perrin, Abe Lieff, Jack Gordon, Vince Calzenetti, Bob Alyea Back Row: Alan Smith, Bob Horlick, Ian McDonald, Tom Pullen, Tom Beveridge, Vic Reed, Bob Vergette, Ron Vincent, Kent Wilkenson, Major Cliff Hollman.

From the new inductees celebrating 25 years with Kiwanis, to Abe Lieff, who is celebrating 60 years, the devotion these members have given to Kiwanis is outstanding and deserves a hand!

Mark Max and the Music Committee put on a great show with a special tribute to Honorable Abe Lieff who moved to Toronto in 1963 to take up his position as Justice of the Ontario Supreme Court. Abe, who turned 100 in March, was very happy to be in attendance with many members of his family, as President Rick presented him with a congratulatory letter for his 100th birthday, signed by Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Tom Pullen also officially inducted 7 new members who have joined our club since October 2002. [<br>] Jennifer Rae, Kimberly Ellard, Kathleen Holst, Rick Seguin, Alison Poirier, Ana Nesic

Thought for the week: The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor - Vince Lombardi

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