Weekly Meeting - Legion of Honour/New Members’ Induction

What a wonderful meeting. As we said - this was a time for paying tribute - and that is exactly what they did. Past District Governor Keith McGruer gave a very impressive speech as he presented a Distinguished Service Award to Shirley Tomblin for her 28 years of service to Kiwanis, both as Administrative Secretary and now as a very devoted Kiwanian.

Shirley Tomblin recieves a Distinguished Service Award and a Rose from Kieth McGruer, with President Richard looking on.

The Music Committee gave a tribute to the late Past President Sol Max in song, and Janet Roy, violinist with the NAC Orchestra accompanied by Evelyn Greenberg on the piano, played in his memory. Sol would've truly enjoyed it all.

Thank you to Past President Sid Lithwick who made a special presentation of Sol's history with Kiwanis and welcomed Sol as the 20th inductee into the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Hall of Fame. Sol's beautifully framed Hall of Fame photo will be on our Kiwanis office wall forever reminding us that, "He Made Us Laugh". Like Mark Max said in the speech about his Dad, "He loved Kiwanis and Kiwanis loved him back".

Sid Lithwick inducts Sol Max into the Hall of Fame.

Mark Max accepts the induction of his Father into the Hall of Fame.

Past President Ian Hendry spoke of Canada at the time when each Legion of Honour recipient joined Kiwanis going back as far as 1947 when Art Conrad was introduced to our club, 55 years ago! The 13 Kiwanians who were recognized today have given primacy to the human and spiritual rather than the material values of life, for a total of 455 years!! Without their dedication and support of Kiwanis, we would not be able to uphold our commitment to being the premiere service club in Canada!

Front Row: Sid Lithwick, Earl Crowe, Art Conrad, Shirley Tomblin, Hy Soloway, Frank Cauley, David Loeb Back Row: President Richard Munro, Ian Hendry, Brian McGarry, Tom Assaly, Frank Hegyi, Jim Durrell, Doug Legere, Mark Max 

Thought for the week: Time is the coin of life, only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.

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