Weekly Meeting - Larry O'Brien - "Future of Ottawa High Tech Industry"

Larry O'Brien spoke of his personal experience with retirement and how he chose to go back to work. explaining that he needed more to do. He pointed out some of the revolutionary changes since 1980 and how high tech has drastically changed the way in which we approach our life on a daily basis. He would like the Canadian politicians to become more open-minded and stressed that we all have the right to make demands on our government. Whereas "Knowledge is Power" ... now "Shared Knowledge is Power"

Thought For The Week from President Ed: 20 years ago it took 2 people to carry $10 worth of groceries -today a 5 year old can do it.

100% Attendance - Congratulations to the following who received Perfect Attendance tabs: Patrick Flain 2 years; Mike St. Louis 7 yrs; Steve Moore 10 yrs; Shirley Tomblin and Rick Barrigar 11 yrs; Bob Vergette 22 yrs; and Tom Spence and Ross Hadwen 25 years!

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