Weekly Meeting - Laraine Kaminsky, VP Graybridge Malkam

Laraine Kaminsky was delightful in her presentation about cross-culture inclusion and how we can learn more about visible minorities, making them feel welcome in our club. Ask them. Learn from them. Ethics, gender rules, formality, money, education, innovation, leadership, special events, family relations – these are all very different, causing us to speak in code. Break the Code. Cross-cultural communicators are curious, non-judgmental, perceptive, and don’t have tunnel vision. The 3 H’s of Diversity are: Head – Knowledge and understanding, Heart – Passion and willingness, Hand – Capacity and Action.

President's Rose - Peter Nadeau, who was a member of our club from 1992 to 2000, got right back into the swing of things when he rejoined in 2002. His experience as Co Chair of the TV Auction was a testament to his ability to work hard, and he was ready to join the Board of Directors as Honorary Treasurer. This year Peter was elected to serve as a Director and is a devoted member, never missing a Board meeting, or the 7:00 a.m. Executive meetings. He is always available to assist the President and has often been called upon for his professional advice as a lawyer.

President’s Thought for the Week: Flashlight: a case for holding dead batteries.

We welcomed our newest member(s) David Urie, Investment Advisor with BMO Nesbitt Burns on Dalhousie Street, who was sponsored by President Sam Bhargava and Bill Siekierski. David was a member of our club from 1987 to 1995, and, as Bill says, “he has seen the light and is returning to the fold”. He has been involved with Chamber of Commerce, United Way and Ottawa Life Science. He is the father of 2 grown sons and lives in Nepean with Teresa. Robert Garrow, aka Pirate Captain Bob Garrow, ‘catalyst for innovation and commitment’, was sponsored by Tom Pullen and Ross Christensen. Bob is a former member of the Kiwanis Club of Oshawa, and Rotary Club of Ottawa! and President of LifeTime Networks Ottawa. He is a leadership and business consultant working with leaders to generate their missions, objectives and strategies. For more information go to www.pirateleadership.com

Attendance: Active 62 of 114* (*does not include 12 on LOA) Seniors 4 Guests 6 Hon/Staff 3 Total 75

Raffle Prize: Congratulations to Helene Fortin-Crabb who won the raffle of a bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey and 2 glasses, donated by ???. If you donated this gift, we thank you. There was no business card inside, and we forget who donated so if you tell me who you are, it will be listed next week. Thank you all for contributing, $125 was raised for our General Account. B&B $71

Next Club Meeting: Friday, January 20, 2006, 12:30 - 2:00 pm Laurier Room, Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa AGM - Annual General Meeting At this meeting we will be reviewing our audited Financial Statements for our last fiscal year ended September 30, 2005, and looking at our Budgets for the current year. Other new developments will be highlighted, including ‘Helping Hands’. There will be time for questions from the floor. If you have any items you want discussed at this meeting, please contact President Sam Bhargava at usbhargava@sympatico.ca or at his office 834-3647 REMEMBER to bring the Annual Report that you picked up last week. There will be others available No Guests at this meeting please.

On the menu: Baked Halibut with Cucumber Salsa, Vegetables and Rice. Maple Mousse

Head Table – January 20 The Board of Directors for 2005-06

Happy Birthday to You! Jan 14 - Mike Zanon and, former member Art Moody, who is 80 today! Jan 15 - Rocco D’Angelo Jan 17 - Mark Charron Happy 42nd Anniversary to Uttra and Sam Bhargava! XOXO

What Have We Done for our community this month? Community Services - Youth & Community - As you know the primary objectives of the Youth and Community Services Committee is to assist individuals who ‘have fallen between the cracks’ and are unable to attain the necessary services or equipment to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Although operating with a modest budget, we attempt to do what we can for the least amount of dollars. We have made an impact and as Bill Gosewitz has recently stated, we should share these results with the membership at large. To that end, we therefore list the following.

(1) Partnered with The Ontario March of Dimes to purchase equipment for an individual in need Cost $500.

(2) Provided assistance to a single mother on disability with several medical problems, with two children a girl l2 and a boy l0 living in assisted housing, in an apartment heated with Electric Heat. They were living with no hot water, no lights and no fridge when we received this request. With the full support of the CAS caseworker, a proposal was worked out with Ottawa Hydro to pay back the arrears to get the power turned on and to keep the account up to date. Cost $1,062.

(3) Emergency assistance for a 43-year old with Chronic Kidney disease & no medical coverage - Cost $300.

(4) Food Gift Certificates for l6 families living at Harmony House (for families fleeing abusive relationships) Cost $1,600.

(5) At-home physiotherapy sessions for an individual suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and unable to travel to a clinic Cost $360. Sincerely, Les Morin

Sympathy of the Club: Goes out to Sid Lithwick in memory of his brother, Norman Lithwick, who passed away on Monday January 9th at the age of 83. He was also the uncle of Sid’s son, Howard Lithwick. Services were held this week and our thoughts go out to both Sid and Howard and their families at this time.

Committee Meetings Mon Jan 16 Board of Directors, 5:45 Staples, 403 Bank Street. Bon Appetit Silent Auction meeting 12:00 Programme 7:00 pm Wayne Beaudoin’s Tue Jan 17 Golf Tournament 12:00 Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club Wed Jan 18 Community Services 12:00 Rideau Place-on-the-River Thu Jan 19 Project Development Committee (PDC) 5:30 Staples, 403 Bank St. LUNCHEON Line-Up Jan 27 Dave Wallace, Chair of the Board of Governors of Algonquin College “The Business of Community College Education” Feb 3 Bruce H. Swan and Timothy Kluke, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group Feb 10 Dave Smith “Contributing to the Community”

Kiwanis - Ottawa Senators Partners In Caring Once again this year, the Ottawa Senators and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa are working together on the Kiwanis Partners in Caring program. This is a project whereby the Kiwanis Club is offered tickets, suites and merchandise from the Senators at a discount enabling them to sell these items at very attractive prices, with the proceeds going to the Kiwanis youth projects. THIS YEAR’S GAME - Ottawa Senators vs Marion Hossa and the Atlanta Thrashers - Thursday, February 9, 2006 – tickets available for $50 in the 300 level A GREAT DEAL: Order 10 tickets for your employees, co-workers or friends and you will receive 2 free bonus tickets for the March 14h game when the Sens play Tampa Bay. OR if not 10 Hockey tickets with 2 free tickets, why not just buy 2 tickets and support Kiwanis. Call Tom Spence to get YOUR tickets at 741-0741

Proposed For Membership – Victor Hanna, Catering and Conference Services Manager at Fairmont Chateau Laurier, and former member of our club, sponsored by Tom Pullen and Ross Christensen. Objections, IF ANY, must be sent in writing to President Sam, no later than Jan 27th.

ROSTER CHANGES – The Membership Rosters have been distributed to all members. If you did not receive yours, please let us know. Please note the following in your new rosters (cut out the new member info and paste it in the appropriate alphabet listing of your roster): NEW MEMBERS: Urie, David 2006 #92 - Financial Services BMO Nesbitt Burns 303 Dalhousie St. Ottawa, ON K1N 7E8 ph. 562-6435 fax 562-6402 email: david.urie@NBPCD.com 119 Canter Blvd. Nepean, ON K2G 3P2 ph. 226-5080 Spouse: Teresa Buhrmann Garrow, Robert (Bob) 2006 (MARK YOUR CALENDARS! #176 - Leadership Coaching/Strategic Planning

Bob Garrow will be the guest speaker at the Pirate Leadership Kiwanis Club of Rideau on Thurs. Feb 9th at 12:00 2997 Linton Road, Ottawa, ON K1V 8H1 at Villa Marconi on Baseline ph. 521-8362 email: bob@pirateleadershp.com Home address the same as above Spouse: Shirley Mike Moore and Jeremy Moore, Michael D. Moore Insurance & Financial Services, new address effective Jan 26th 1101 Prince of Wales Drive, Ste. 130, Ottawa, ON K2C 3W7 Same phone numbers, however Mike is Ext. 1, and Jeremy is Ext. 2 new fax 725-6154 (working now) Corrections: Jane Flain - home phone was listed incorrectly in last week’s eDGE. It is 724-2911 as in the Roster Sharon Gill - correct phone numbers – 232-1431 and cell 796-1431

Thank you to the following members who volunteered for the Salvation Army Christmas Kettles / Red Shield Appeal: Wayne French, Harold Moore, Wayne Beaudoin, Kathleen Holst, Gord Fleming, Ross Hadwen, Les Morin, Tom Spence (30 years now!), and Allan Macintyre.

100% Attendance Tabs – were presented to the following, who attended 52 meetings in the past year. Patrick McGarry 1 Geoff Godding 2 Derek Finley 8 Wayne Beaudoin 18 Michel Podeszfinski 18 (Nice to see you back at the club, Michel!)

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