Weekly Meeting - Kiwanis Trivia and New Members Induction

Past President Wayne Beaudoin spoke about his personal appreciation as a Kiwanis member and the good fortune he has had to contribute to the workings of our Club to make a difference in our community. He addressed the new members pointing out that they have become members of a great team where everyone counts, and one day they may have the wonderful opportunity of inducting a team of new members.

Past President Larry Haffner was proud to present the Kiwanis Trivia questions for our members, and it was quite hilarious to see the expressions on our faces. Congratulations to the team at Tom Beveridge's table who answered 47 of 58 questions right, and to Stan Greenwood's table who answered the least with 36.

Thank you to Jeff Kyle for providing the winning team with tickets to a Senators hockey game. The losers each received a huge lollipop for their efforts.

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