Weekly Meeting - Kiwanis Fun Luncheon

The chief grand master 7th dan black belt Manchurian artist WAS Kent Wilkinson. We thank Kent for putting on such a good show of this martial art. Kent very seriously gave his hands-on presentation and explained the benefits that he has experienced...no more pain. As many of the members witnessed this looks like an ideal way to keep your body limber with a lot stretching and isometrics. Kent you may have just acquired some students!

Thanks go out to Vince Calzonetti who was proud to recognize Jack Johannsen on behalf of the club. Before resigning Jack was a member of our club for 43 years and contributed to the Interclub, Sports and Social committee by organizing many golf tournaments and social events.

So how was the Thursday luncheon? 68 members attended which seems to be the standard for this time of year. When asked by President Ed how many members agreed with this type of venue, (moving to a Thursday afternoon prior to a long weekend) the majority of the room seemed to be in favor. Something to think about for next year's programmes.

Thought for the Week: If you think nobody cares whether you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

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