Weekly Meeting - Key Club Luncheon

Once again the Key Clubbers did a super job running the show under the direction of the Chair from Lisgar Collegiate the Host Key Club, Lesley Bilton-Bravo.

Considering that there were 4 Key Clubs making their Annual Reports they were concise, thorough and to the point. As usual, the Key Clubbers have been very busy with pizza sales, pancake breakfasts, collecting Canadian Tire money for Toy Mountain, working at the Union Mission, and continuing to build membership and plan future activities. They each presented Presidents Roses to a member of their respective Key Clubs and an excellent duet was performed by Naomi Levitz and Rachel Heft, sans music! We should be proud of the support we give to our sponsored youth as we see them grow into fine young adults with great leadership skills.

- Newsletter 99 May 14.pdf