Weekly Meeting - Ken Bickley, “Laughter”

Ken Bickley, brought his own miniature entourage for support, and placed them on the podium for inspiration – for him and for us! He invited us to join him in an interactive warm-up which got everyone moving about the room and shouting A-Lo-Ha Ha Ha Ha… and some of us were even dancing… who knew that Barb Perrin could dance the Macarena so well!. Ken explained that laughter can help us reach a profound level of peace, joy and relaxation. Laughter Yoga has begun around the country and it is reported that this new Yoga practice is not only fitness friendly and promotes good health, but is emotionally uplifting. Furthermore, the muscle contractions, used during Laughing Yoga, further enhance the torso level work out and help to keep your heart healthy at the same time! Keep smiling and be sure to laugh as often as you can! Thanks to Past Presidents Wayne Beaudoin and Rick Barrigar, for their rendition of “Who’s on First”, using the new computer language of “Mac or Windows” – this was very funny, and is available by email, if you are interested contact the office.

100% Attendance

President Bill presented former Lt. Governor Rick Barrigar with his pin for 18 years of perfect attendance – Congratulations Rick!

One Can Make a Difference President’s Roses – Steve Moore and Scott Bradford Two roses were presented today, along with about 20 packages of Oreo Cookies. President Bill congratulated Co-Chairs Steve Moore and Scott Bradford for their personal leadership and management of the Bedzzz Race Committee. A strong team which included Al Macintyre who orchestrated the building of 20+ beds, at a warehouse provided by Geoff Godding, with hands-on help for the beds and on Race Day from committee members Mike Zanon, Greg Plazek, Steve Georgopoulos, Warren Gencher, Cathy James-Zelney, Michael Watson, Kanta Marwah, Harold Feder. Former chairs Alison Poirier, and Gary Flockton, were again on board to assist, and confirmed sponsorships, were the liaisons for the sponsors and Ncc, and were on site for the Race. Thank you to everyone who ensured another successful Bedzzz Race raising gross Revenue of over $45,000. A Great Team effort! (Thank you as well to All Volunteers!) (More Results To Follow On March 7th).

Raffle Prize

Congratulations to Tom Burnie who won the bottle of Ice wine from the Mike Weir Estate Winery, donated by Bruno DiChiara. Thank you all for contributing, $65 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $130

Next Luncheon Meeting: Friday March 7, 2008 Jacques Lemelin, Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine “Sharing Proactive Solutions to improve access to Family Physicians, Lower Health Care costs and improve care” The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, as part of its plan to improve the integration of the various health care sectors, has decided to devolve health care decisions and planning to local health authorities and has developed a Network of 17 Local Health Integration Networks (Lhin) across the Province. Primary care, mostly consists of community family physicians and has been excluded from the responsibility of the Lhin. Dr. Lemelin will discuss the state of integration of Primary Care both within its own sector and with the other health sectors such as hospitals and other health organizations within the Champlain Lhin. He will discuss the consequences of a poorly organized Primary Care sector on access, cost and quality of health care and suggest solutions. “Kiwanians and Ottawa Carleton area residents have been or will be affected by the alarming shortage of family physicians. We are committed, as a club to addressing the needs of the community and subsequently acting as a catalyst to improve the quality of life in our community. It is in the best interests of our community that Kiwanis helps to promote the initiatives being undertaken by the Department of Family Medicine, a not-for-profit group, to improve health care.”

Luncheon Line-Up

Mar.14 Linda Eagen, President & Ceo Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, “Eastern Ontario’s Answer to Cancer” and the great fundraising efforts as recently seen with their successful Telethon.

Mar.21 * No Meeting Scheduled – Easter Long Weekend

Mar.28 Circle K Luncheon – Grete Hale, Chair of Morrison Lamothe

Apr.4 ** 7:30 – 9:00am… We Are Moving…. to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club for our Golf Tournament Committee Breakfast, 
Danielle Nadon, Tournament Co-Chair for the Cn Canadian Women’s (LPGA) Open

Apr.11 Official Visit of the EC&C District Governor Chuck McIlravey
 – all Kiwanis Clubs are invited!

Apr.18 Kiwanis Music Festival / Canterbury High School Choir - James Caswell

Apr.25 Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail’s National Affairs Columnist

Committee Meetings

Mon. Mar 3 Bon Appetit Silent Auction 11;30 Staples 403 Bank Street Charity Golf 12:00 -1:30 location to be announced to committee Thu. Mar 6 Key Club 8:00 a.m Trane Mon Mar 10 Programme 7:00 pm Ross Christensen’s home Wed. Mar 12 Young Children’s Projects 12:00 Ian Sterling’s office Thu. Mar 13 Interclub, Sports and Social 6;30 Dawn Morewood’s office Fri. Mar 14 Project Development 1:40 at the Fairmont Chateau after luncheon

Membership Committee

You may have noticed a bulletin board at the entrance to the Luncheon today that has photos of members. These are the new members who joined in the last year, and this is a Membership Committee initiative to help you put a face to the names. Be sure to introduce yourself to our new members and make them feel comfortable, knowing they have joined a great service club!

Sympathy of the Club

Sympathy of the Club goes out to Stacey, Stephen Smye’s wife, in memory of her father, Mr. Lester Chapman, who passed away in his 76th year. Mr Chapman died on Sunday and the funeral was held in Hamilton yesterday. Our thoughts are with Stacey and Stephen, and their family at this time.

Happy Birthday To You Mar 1 – Martin Diegel Mar 3 – Sandra Presley and Bob Littlemore Mar 4 Dominic Ferrarotto Mar 6 Tom Spence and Father Barry McGrory

“Chili and Chuckles” The Interlcub, Sports and Social Committee invites You to a *Fun* evening on Saturday, March 29, 2008, at the home of Sam and Uttra Bhargava, 84 Rothwell Avenue, Ottawa. The evening starts at 6:30 and $20.00 is all you will pay for Chili, salad, dessert, and wine. This will be a fun evening including a Trivia Contest. Tickets are On Sale Now and can be picked up from Kathleen Holst at the Friday luncheons, or contact Kathleen at 613-721-4141, or holstkr@aol.com

Bedzzz Race held February 9, 2008

A great race, some photos to help remember it by: http://www2.ottawakiwanis.org/~kco/2008/2008-01-25bedbuilding/index.html http://www2.ottawakiwanis.org/~kco/2008/2008-02-08ctv-am/index.html http://www2.ottawakiwanis.org/~kco/2008/2008-02-09BedRace/index.html Be sure to attend next Friday’s luncheon (Mar 7), when we will be recognizing the Kiwanis Bedzzz Race sponsors and announcing funds raised, etc..

Direct Assistance Committee

Can You Help with a request for office Chairs? Queen Elizabeth Public School at 689 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, is in need of some new, or gently used, chairs. They need armless adult chairs for the library and conference room chairs, any style, for their parent teacher meeting room. If you are in a position to help or know someone who can, please contact Principal, Deborah Machida (613) 746-3246. Thank you for any contribution you can make.

Circle K Committee

Sarah Saliba is a member of the Circle K Club at the University of Ottawa. Two years ago she took over the Directorship of the Kiwanis Circle K “Heart of The City” Piano Program upon Bettina Choo's graduation from U of O. This program was started 4 years ago by Bettina and the U of O Circle K club to provide free piano lessons to inner-city 'beacon' schools which are identified as schools which are typically located in the needier areas of the city of Ottawa. The program is offered to children from grade 3-6. In most cases this is the only extracurricular activity in which these children participate. Many of you may have followed the series featured in 'The Citizen' about York Street Public School. York Street P.S. was the first school to sign on with this program. As Director, Sarah has overall responsibility for 7 schools in the program, 100 piano students and 35 U of O volunteer piano teachers. This is in addition to her regular course load! Sarah graduates this spring with an Honours degree in Biochemistry. She will start her Pre-Med studies in the fall. Sarah is a shining example of what it means to be a volunteer and make a difference in our community.

Club Elections for the Board of Directors for 2008-09 are coming

Our Club By-Laws State that “The Elections Committee shall send out to each, Active, Privileged and Senior member in good standing a nominating ballot, which shall list in alphabetical order, all Active, Privileged and Senior members of the Club”. 
 This list will contain only those names of the Club members in good standing as defined in Article 5; a member is not in good standing if (“a member being two (2) months in arrears in the payment of dues and/or financial obligations”). Please make sure that your Account is up-to-date at the Kiwanis office, to ensure that you have voting privileges. If you have any questions about the balance of your account, please contact Mike Kruger at 613-233-1900. The Club’s Primary Ballot for the elections of next year’s Board of Directors will be mailed out on March 31, 2008. Engagement A Kiwanian is a volunteer who agrees to commit their time, talent energy and resources to be actively engaged in Kiwanis Club of Ottawa activities.