Weekly Meeting - Judith Hoye: Ottawa Carleton Distict School Board, Literacy with Young Children Priority One

The hard work of our club members was recognized by everyone today. Sandra Clarke, Executive Director of the ACT Foundation, spoke about the success of the mandatory CPR Program in high schools, where Kiwanis played a major role in 1994-96, and contributed $50,000. The Kiwanis Medical Foundation was proud to present a $12,000 cheque to the continuing efforts of the ACT Foundation's CPR Program.

Peggy Clark spoke of her personal enjoyment in participating in the Reading Is Fundamental program at Connaught Public School, and Andrew Canham, Principal at D. Roy Kennedy School , reiterated the success of the Read-a-Thon program, now in its 2nd year. Judith Hoye stressed " how children end up has a great deal to do with how they start out". Along with the development of social and emotional skills, developing literacy skills is the greatest challenge for most Kindergarten teachers, as many children are deprived of these fundamental needs in their formative years. Early intervention is important and it works. The Read-a-Thon program offers children the chance to see the joy in reading. and the interest of the schools and the teachers guarantees continued success.

 Thought for the week: We must have courage to bet on our ideas, to take the calculated risk, and to act.

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