Weekly Meeting - John Rapp “Communities Taking Charge”

John Rapp was cheerful and enthusiastic when he spoke about the Dovercourt Recreation Association, and he even brought gifts! He explained that the Centre is a model for future community and recreation centres in the city of Ottawa, as Community partnerships play a large role in enhancing and augmenting current programs and services. Dovercourt specializes in programs to meet the needs of everyone in the community with special interest programs such as family swim, fitness programs, dance programs for adults and children, wine-tasting workshops, and much, much, more. Community spirit thrives at Dovercourt and the support from local Kiwanis Clubs has proved their motto of "A Community working for the Community".

For further information on services provided by Dovercourt Community and Recreation Centre contact (613) 798-8950 or visit www.dovercourt.org

Thought for the Week: A peacock who sits on his tail is just another turkey.

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