Weekly Meeting - Jim Smellie - LPGA DuMaurier Golf Classic

Weekly meeting held at the Chateau Laurier at 12:30 p.m.

Jim Smellie gave us a brief overview of the LPGA duMaurier Classic, August 7-13, at the 110-year old Royal Ottawa Golf Club in Aylmer. He spoke about the essential ingredients required to organize an event like this that will have 60,000 spectators in 7 days. He stressed that this could not be done without their title sponsor, the 1,500 volunteers, the corporate support for ticket sales, and the approximately 45,000 hours of people power. MaryLee Corbick, winner of the series in Shawinigan, commented on the great opportunity given to the girls by the duMaurier Classic who could otherwise never play with the LPGA professionals.