Weekly Meeting -Jim Nicol, MRI Plus

Thank you to Director Dawn Morewood, who chaired the meeting while President Sam vacationed in California.

Guest speaker Jim Nicol explained that he and his partners chose to open their private MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) clinic in Gatineau, since private MRI clinics are legal in Quebec. The MRI technology, and highly skilled radiologists directed toward the diagnosis of disease, will be able to provide immediate detection in many areas of the body. The cost will be about 50% of the cost at hospitals, and the new clinic hopes to offer assistance to those who may not be in a position to cover the cost.

We welcomed our newest member, Max Kilongozi, who was sponsored by his friend, Reverend Harold Johnson. Max is a lawyer with Kilongozi Law Office and he and his wife, Christol live in Ottawa . He is a former member of Lions and Rotary and he enjoys jiu-jitsu, soccer, his church, poetry, music, and singing. He will be joining our Community Services Committee. Be sure to introduce yourself to our newest member. Welcome to Kiwanis, Max!

Val Wilkins is doing a spectacular job as Eastern Canada Circle K Administrator, and offered guidance and advice to the Circle K students, as they organized their 1st Annual Circle K Convention.

Chair Dawn’s thought for the week: Two guys are chatting about animal welfare when one says “ I just read that Lions have sex 12-15 times a night. The other guy responds “ Dammit - I just joined Kiwanis.”

Attendance: Active 48/115* (*does not include 14 on LOA) Seniors 4 /54 Guests 7 Hon/Staff 4 Total 63

Raffle Prize: Congratulations to Larry Haffner, who won the raffle of a bottle of Tequila brought back from Mexico and donated by Ron Wing ; and to guest Russ Salo, who won the raffle of a Welcome Bag from Circle K Convention with a T-Shirt; and to Dominic Ferrarotto, who won an antique can with Kiwanis pictures, donated by Russ Salo, who found it on eBay. Thank you all for contributing, $107 was raised for our General Account.

Fine Session $35

Next Club Meeting: Friday, March 3, 2006, 12:30 - 2:00 pm Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau Street, Laurier Room.

Scott Taylor a former professional soldier, who has been the Editor and Publisher of "Espirit de Corps”, an Ottawa-based magazine celebrated for its unflinching scrutiny of the Canadian military, since 1988. This little independent magazine embarked on a campaign to expose crime and corruption in the upper echelons of the Canadian Forces, and after exposing a number of top-level cover-ups and scandals, Taylor was dubbed, the “Voice of the Grunts” by the Globe and Mail, and a “One Man Army” by the Toronto Sun.

If you are bringing a guest, click here to inform the office: mailto:ritaharper@ottawakiwanis.org

On the menu: Baked Tilapia (mild white fish) with Chive Sauce, Vegetables, Potatoes, Coconut Cream Pie

Head Table, March 3rd 1. Dominic Ferrarotto 2. Bill Harsh 3. Scott Taylor, Guest speaker 4. President Sam Bhargava 5. Rev. John Moor, Invocation 6. Cathy James-Zelney, Thanker 7. Geoff Godding 8. Barb Perrin, guest book Happy Birthday to You! Feb 24 - Rita Harper Mar 1 - Martin Diegel

Committee Meetings Mon. Feb 27 Cadets 7:00 pm Notre Dame High School


Mar 10 Charles Austin, Principal at Pinecrest Public School, and 1 of 30 chosen as Canada's Outstanding Principals for 2006 and will be inducted into the National Academy of Principals.

Mar 17 St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon, Joan Finnigan, Storyteller

Mar 24 Circle K Luncheon – University of Ottawa Piano Program

Mar 31 New Members’ April Fools Luncheon Kiwanis Conventions – Open to all members:

April 7-9, 2006 Eastern Canada Key Club Convention, Crown Plaza Hotel.

June 28 - July 2, 2006 91st Annual Kiwanis International Convention, Montreal QC

August 3-5, 2006 89th Annual Kiwanis EC&C District Convention, St. John’s NFLD

May 11, 2006 EC&C AKtion Club Conference, Casa Loma Castle, Toronto, ON

Mark your calendars ! The 6th Annual Nepean Spaghetti dinner will be held on Thursday, March 2, 2006 at 5:30 pm. The guest speaker will be our own Jackie Holzman. Tickets will be $10 advance and $11 at the door for adults and $6 and $7 for students and children. Not bad for an ‘all you can eat dinner’ to feed the kids! Thanks, Buck Madden 724-6770.

CAN YOU PLAY HOCKEY ??? A few members of our club are holding a hockey game on April 7, 2006 between 4:00 -6:00 p.m. at the Jim Durrell Arena, Peplinski ice pad. All levels of ability and experience are encouraged to come out and play, but full equipment is required. The ice cost will be about $20 per person depending on the numbers. After the game, they will gather at Local Heroes on Bank, to relive the moments of glory. Fans are welcome.” For more information or to sign-up to play, please contact Harold Feder at 237-4000 or email hfeder@brazeauseller.com or Patrick McGarry at 233-1143 or Patrick@mcgarryfamily.ca

Membership Committee: Prospective Membership – Russ Salo, General Manager at Johnson’s Environmental Products, sponsored by Peter Patafie and Scott Bradford. Objections, IF ANY, must be submitted to the Honorary Secretary (Jamie Johnson) of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, no later than March 10/06. Resignations Accepted at the Board Meeting of February 20, 2006: Brad Ronald and Bill Shenkman

The Kiwanis Office is Moving - We have found a new home, thanks to the tremendous support of Geoff Godding, and his employer, Colliers International. Geoff did all of the legwork on this, handled all the paperwork, and has even offered to donate his commission back to the Club. This new location provides substantial savings for our Admin account to the amount of approximately $7,000 a year. Thank you, Geoff.

The new office will be located at: 1283 Algoma Road, Ste 201, Ottawa, ON K1B 3W7, near the corner of StarTop and Innes Road, in the east side of the city. It is a two storey walk-up with plenty of parking for our Board meetings. Move date is March 27-31.

“MUSIC FOR THE MIND Get your tickets !! The Kiwanis Music Festival and the Royal Ottawa Health Care Foundation present an evening of music and wine appreciation with Groovy Grapes. Thursday, March 30, 2006, Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm. Black Tie optional. Tickets are $100. Call the Kiwanis office to reserve your ticket.

How has Kiwanis served the community this month? Community Services - Youth & Community – Nov to January 06 Green Dragon Best Beef trophy Metcalfe Fair $ 41.63 Individual Physiotherapy $360.00 Staples school supplies $ 89.86 East Ottawa Generals $150.00 Ottawa Celtics Competitive basketball $200.00 Ottawa Guardsmen Competitive basketball $200.00 Algonquin Athletics Competitive basketball $200.00 Individual Karate classes $60.00 Individual Visual Art Classes $50.00 City of Ottawa Parks & Rec Swimming lessons, $174.00 Individual Robot Building Course $150.00 Ottawa Celtics Basketball $125.00 Glebe Collegiate Institute Basketball $200.00 Individual Sizzlers Rec Program $ 40.50 Individual Drama Lessons $200.00 Individual Tae Kwon Do Lessons $ 85.75 City of Ottawa Holiday Program $110.00 Greenboro Community Assoc. Karate classes $172.00 Individual Hip Hop Dance Classes $108.50 Ottawa School of Art Art Lessons $ 75.00 ProStyle Martial Arts Kick Boxing $200.00 Greenboro Community Assoc. Floor Hockey $ 26.00

How Can you contribute to the Club and meet your Helping Hands goal? One member of the club came up with this idea…A commissioned individual of the club has convinced the company they represent, to contribute $10 per file opened, and the individual will match the contribution, making it $20 for every file opened – estimated annual income of approximately $4,000.

“Thank you for thinking of Kiwanis” Help Beat Heart Disease - Heart Study – University of Ottawa Heart Institute is searching for people that have never had heart disease and are over 70 years of age / and / people that have had heart problems and are under 55 years of age. You can help specialists find out why some people have a healthy heart while others have heart disease…. It takes only 15 minutes and you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire, give a blood sample, measure height and weight AND you get a free breakfast, paid parking, and a copy of your lab results. Call Heather Doelle to sign up or for more information, at 761-4769 or contact heather@heartstudy.ca

Roster Additions: for you to clip out and put in your Roster in the appropriate section Aheto-Tsegah, Francis Feb 10/06 #187 – Francis Lawyer McLeod Clermont & Associates 1447 Woodroffe Ave. Ottawa, ON K2G 1N1 ph. 225-0037 fax 225-0921 francis@mcleodclermont.ca 1130 Alenmede Cres. Ottawa, ON K2B 8H3 Kilongozi, Max Feb 24/06 #245 – Max Lawyer Kilongozi Law Office 204-75 Albert St. Ottawa, ON K1P 5J4 Ph. 236-1119 fax 236-5375 udungu@aol.com 208-10 Henderson Ave. Ottawa, ON K1N 7P1 236-2268 Spouse: Christol Barrett-Kilongozi

MARK YOUR CALENDARS - Kiwanis Music Festival, April 3 – 29, 2006 Highlights Concert, May 19, 2006

“TOGETHER WE CAN” C limb Higher…. in strengthening Kiwanis Membership A chieve More… in changing the face of Kiwanis Nurture Excellence in everything we do