Weekly Meeting - Jackie Holzman, “How the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa contributes to addressing the needs in our community”

Former Mayor of the City of Ottawa, Jackie Holzman knows the people and the needs of the city very well, and spoke about the challenges and opportunities, and what we can do to help. To know where we are going, we have to know where we came from and where we are now! 70 years ago things were very different – we ate different vegetables, we all looked alike, we would’ve had different types of friends, we never spoke about gay people, etc. Then came Wwii and Ottawa grew –we were a government town with a growing military and support for the war effort. Post war brought more changes, war brides arrived, more immigration from Uk and Europe, and we had Asian friends. Continued growth from Africa, and the Middle East, and Ottawa was no longer Wasp – The face and language was changing! The Community Foundation of Ottawa’s Vital Signs report on Ottawa was recently released and it reports – the population of Ottawa is over 800,000 up 5% from 2001 – 12% are over 65 years of age, and 18% are under 14! - the gap between the rich and poor remains a significant concern - there is a high number of households on the social housing waiting list – there are higher levels of obesity among both adults and youth – new immigrants with strong educational and professional qualifications have a challenge securing employment and has a negative impact on housing choices, family, etc. International immigration is the most important driver of future population and the planners estimate a 30% increase in population in the next ¼ century. High-needs elementary schools with significant immigrant populations, can benefit from programs like our Reading is Fundamental program, and the ‘Heart of the City’ Piano Program implemented by our uOttawa Circle K students, and there is more that we can do. Referring to Police Chief White’s comments about our city having 6,000 crack addicts who turn to crime to support their habit, Jackie reiterated the need for a drug treatment centre – maybe there is a role for Kiwanis? We can have a big impact on this city…by continuing with our youth programs, our music festivals, and other youth-related activities – what are the long-term results of our contribution? Sure, we can provide ‘helping hands’ But we need to encourage leadership through ‘belonging’. We are helping to create good citizens, who will be prepared to ‘take the helm’ to assume the responsibility of leaders. Imagine what impact we could have – if we had more volunteers! Mentor our youth / provide more assistance to Rif and the Piano program / focus on leadership development / and consider a lobbying role for a drug treatment centre. Is there a role for Kiwanis – what do You think?

“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Alison Poirier Alison was very keen when she joined our club in 2003, sponsored by Steve Georgopoulos. She was excited to be the youngest, and we were glad to welcome her. It goes to show that our youth are just waiting to be given the opportunities provided by our club, opportunities to contribute to their community, to provide input on decisions, to participate, and, most importantly, to be taken seriously. Alison has contributed greatly to our club. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion for our club is admirable. She Co-Chaired the Bed Race in 2004-05, and in 2005-06, she agreed to be Chair and worked with Gary Flockton as Vice-Chair. In 2006-07, for the 3rd consecutive year, Alison was Co-Chair of the Bed Race Committee. At the same time, she was elected to be a member of our Board of Directors and was re-elected to serve for this year. One Can Make a Difference in their community, and Alison is a prime example of how it is done. President Bill’s thought for the Week Society doesn’t lose its values because of the activities of criminals, it loses its values because of the in-activities of good people. Raffle Prize

Congratulations to Past President Tom Pullen who won the raffle of a huge 5Lb Hershey Chocolate Bar donated by President-Elect Peter Patafie; and to Kathleen Holst who won the raffle of a Christmas Gingerbread House to be decorated, donated by President Bill Gosewitz. Thank you all for contributing, $68.00 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $52.00. Thank you to Eric Cosgrove who was the highest bidder at $20.00, and to all members for raising the bid, on President Bill’s personal auction of a package of Oreos – Those will be the Best cookies ever, Eric!

Next Luncheon Meeting

Friday November 30, 2007 – 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Drawing Room Jim Durrell, Chair of the Ottawa Congress Centre “Building a New Downtown - Development of the Ottawa Congress Centre” This will be an interesting and topical speech about the proposed $150 million expansion, which will triple the size of the 24-year old facility, and provide the capacity for hosting conventions of 5,000 or more.

Luncheon Line-Up

Fri.Dec.7 To Be Announced

Sun.Dec.16 Family Christmas Party (see below for details)

Fri.Dec.21 Alumni Luncheon, 90th Anniversary, Invite a guest or former member!

Committee Meetings Mon.Nov.26 Cadets, 7:00pm, Cartier Square Drill Hall Tue.Nov.27 Bed Race, 12:00pm, Apollo Property Management Wed.Nov.28 Corporate Membership, 12:30pm, (location to be determined) Fri.Nov.30 Project Development, 1:35pm, Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Happy Birthday Nov.24 Lee Barette Nov.27 Harold Moore Family Christmas Party

Mark your Calendars and inform your family – our club’s Family Christmas Party will be on Sunday, December 16th, in the Ballroom at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. This event is growing as our families grow and last year we had almost 200 people. Be sure to inform your family now so they can book the date. Sunday, December, 16, 12:00 – 2:00pm.

Key Club - Sir Robert Borden High School - Toy Mountain Challenge November 13 -30. Our Goal is to bring joy to the less fortunate kids in the Ottawa area. Our Hope is to raise $3000.00. Please donate twonies & Canadian Tire money. Our Plan is to buy toys at Canadian Tire and deliver them to the Salvation Army. Thank you for your support. Key Clubbers will be attending luncheons to collect any donations.

Notice to all Members In recent months, there has been a proliferation of requests for side microphone announcements for events benefiting organizations outside of Kiwanis. While we understand our members do not just support Kiwanis, it does detract at times from the causes which we support. We have also noted a flurry of last minute requests which are very difficult to evaluate when one is preparing for the meeting. Also many members, though well meaning, have proceeded with side fundraising activities linking the Kiwanis name to events in the hopes of obtaining funding for their committees. The Kiwanis logo, name and any of our events should not be linked to an event without authorization from the executive or the board. Therefore – we are implementing the following guidelines - All requests for side microphone announcements involving outside organizations or causes should be sent to the President at least 1 week prior to the meeting. The request should outline the benefit to Kiwanis and its members. It may be financial or fellowship or some other reason, but it must be explained in writing. The chair will then be able to assess the request and determine the appropriate action to be taken. Notification of the events will come from the President or will be directed to the member making the request by the President. - Any member looking to link to a fundraiser or event should first ensure the concept is directed to the committee chair who will present it to the director involved with the committee and the board. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated as this will ensure the process and flow of information travels smoothly throughout our organization. President Bill Gosewitz

Membership Committee

“I am very pleased to announce that Peter Charboneau has agreed to be Chair of the Membership Committee this year. Peter has been a member of our Club since 1991, following in the footsteps of his father, the late Don Charboneau, who was a member of our club for 33 years, our Club President in 1947, and a member of our Hall of Fame. Membership is the most important element of our club, and part of the Strategic Plan for the committee is to re-engage existing members, actively recruit new members, and encourage their involvement in Club activities. Peter has been Chair of our Program Committee, Spiritual Aims & International Affairs, Ways & Means, and the Membership Committee for 2 consecutive years. His business acumen and common sense approach will contribute greatly to our Membership Committee. Thanks, Peter for stepping forward! President Bill Gosewitz

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa-West Christmas Breakfast

Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 7:00 am, Macies Best Western on Carling Avenue, across from Westgate Shopping Centre. Guest speaker will be Rabbi Bulka. Entertainment will be provided by participants in the Kiwanis Music Festival. Cost: $17.00 per person. For further information or to confirm your attendance, please contact: Bob Vergette at 613-225-0400 or bobvergette@associateair.ca

Cadet Christmas Dinner/Party

The party is scheduled for Saturday, December 8, 2007 at Connaught Ranges. For more details contact Guy Milne 613-592-1736 or guy.milne@cibc.com Engagement A Kiwanian is a volunteer who agrees to commit their time, talent energy and resources to be actively engaged in Kiwanis Club of Ottawa activities.