Weekly Meeting - Jackie Holzman and Mike Lundy "The Benefits of House Exchanges"

Fred Rendell, in his refreshing Newfie manner, gave a humorous introduction of our two guest speakers - Jackie Holzman and Mike Lundy.

Mike spoke about his personal experiences with home sharing through "The Friendship Force", an organization that was founded 25 years ago by Jimmy Carter in an effort to get Americans to travel outside the US to share their lives with others, and to invite them back to the US. A club was started in Ottawa 8 years ago with 160 members who not only save money, but create international friendships. Mike indicated that Canada is the most sought after site to visit and he has travelled to New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Brazil to name a few.

Jackie began exchanging houses in 1998 and has been to both England and Scotland for a month at a time. She indicated that there is minimal preparation required, just enough to make them feel as comfortable as you would do for any guests. The exchange can include vehicles as well as pets, even turtles!

Visit the following sites to find out more: http://www.homelink.ca http://www.homeexchange.com http://www.intervac.com http://www.intervac.ca

President’s thought for the Week: When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep - not screaming like all the passengers in the car!

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