Weekly Meeting - Jack Manion - Former Head of Department of Immigration

Director Lynda Campbell had her first go at Chairing a luncheon meeting and she did a great job! Our speaker, John Manion, has served more than 25 ministers and prime ministers and is proud of it. For the most part he respected and admired them, and in no way gave a blanket indictment of all politicians but rather a criticism of the political system in Canada, and its abuse by the parties. He highlighted the Canadian Immigration Policy and its mismanagement as well as the recurring scandals of government give-away programs. He believes there is a growing industry in Canada today of parasites, living off the avails of government waste, neglect, extravagance and patronage.

Thanks to Shawn Williams who conducted a Roll Call at the meeting giving a few new members the opportunity to tell us a little bit more about themselves.

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