Weekly Meeting - Harvey Friesen, President Bearskin Airlines

Ken Birch introduced Harvey Friesen, President of Bearskin Airlines, who joined Bearskin Airlines in 1970 and purchased his interest in 1972. Under Harvey’s direction Bearskin, which was founded in 1963, has grown to one of the largest privately-owned communter airlines in Canada. Mr. Friesen, himself holding a pilot’s licence, has over 10,000 flying hours which works out to 15 months in a row! The airline originated in northern Ontario as an air-taxi service near Bearskin Lake and expanded to include Ottawa in the 1990’s. They have 38 destinations from Manitoba to Ottawa, employ 23 aircraft and have a total of 450 employees. Mr. Friesen explained that flights to Toronto (Buttonville) are now included and cost only $99 one way.

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