Weekly Meeting - Harold Redekopp - VP CBC English Network

Harold Redekopp, Vice President of CBC English Network provided some interesting insight, facts and figures on CBC Canada.

How many members knew - that CBC Radio started in 1923 out of Montreal and was broadcast out of the Chateau Laurier, the very hotel the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has been having its meetings in since 1917; that when they first started broadcasting one of the top three prime time shows was Hockey Night in Canada and half a century later it is still one of the top three, with The National and Air Farce being the other two; that all our print and broadcasting media in Canada are owned by 2 corporate entities with one in Quebec!

Need we ask who speaks for Canada! Nine out of ten Canadians believe that CBC provides an essential service. Why? It doesn't pander to the advertiser. It offers distinctive Canadian programing, substantive programming that provides information with background and context, programming that pulls Canadians together. At no time in our history has it been more important to provide unbiased, substantive information communications for Canadians.

The credibility of CBC programming was proven in the aftermath of September 11th where with shared broadcasting 800 million homes in the US listened to CBC for News Updates and Backgrounders on the Disaster and Terrorist Activity. CBC broadcast for 196 hours straight. Seven million people clicked into the website.

Thought for the Week Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself!

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