Weekly Meeting - Guy Laflamme - VP Communications for the NCC

Vice-President Sam Bhargava, who was Chair of the first meeting of the new year, began his meeting with an announcement: "Kiwanis is strong and there is much to be proud of with our achievements of last year. 2003 signaled a rejuvenation of our Club with the adoption of a Strategic Planning approach to leadership. This is how we can best add value and unleash our potential, collectively. The difference between the new and the old way, will be like driving your car on a sunny day vs a foggy day. We will be more efficient and pick up speed. Already, we are achieving more with less.

The year 2004 will be a great year for Kiwanis with our collective commitment, clarity of vision and consistency of action". Guy Laflamme spoke on the mandate of the NCC since 1959, including, to organize, sponsor or promote such public activities and events in the National Capital Region, to enrich the cultural and social fabric of Canada. The NCC has worked to make Canada's Capital a model of unspoiled shorelines, scenic parkways, preserved heritage and expansive parks.

In 1979, the NCC launched Winterlude to celebrate Canada's northern heritage and to highlight the distinctive arts, sports and lifestyle arising from Canada's rigorous climate and geography. After more than two decades, Winterlude is an annual event in for 3 weeks in February, and is North America's largest winter celebration. Guy explained that 700,000 fun-seekers have since taken part in the Festivities of Winterlude and have generated over $70M of spending in the Region. http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/skateway/index_e.asp Click on the link to be treated to the Virtual Tour of the Rideau Canal Skateway, the world's longest skating rink!

Thought for the week: Adolescence is the age at which children stop asking questions because they know all the answers.

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