Weekly Meeting - Gordon Pimm, author of Leo’s War

Gordon Pimm brought us right into the trenches, as we listened to his uncle, Leo LeBoutillier, a young soldier in WWI, who was only a teenage boy when he wrote letters to his family back home. The book, Leo’s War, recounts many of the letters Leo sent home, and Gordon was able to capture the emotions when the letters were voiced by actors. It was moving to hear Leo speak of the troops as they walked down Metcalfe Street before they went overseas, and how the excitement of the spectators made them forget where they were going. He later spoke of the darkness and how relieved they were to make it to the front lines, when others had failed. As a young man he talked of the loneliness and he stressed for his family to ‘please write’. If you are able to, please send a letter or an email or a package, to any of the young men and women who are serving today.

Thank you to the Cadets for their participation in our Remembrance Day Luncheon, and thank you to ALL Veterans.

One Can make a Difference – President’s Rose - Ken Miller Ken was a member of our club from 1982 to 2004, then rejoined in 2007 sponsored by Director Guy Bourbonnière. Ken became very involved with our Cadets and has remained a vital part of that committee through the years. He was Co-Chair of the Cadets Committee last year, and agreed to Chair the Cadets Committee this year. He has also assisted our Club and was our in-house Santa for many years, before he lost his belly and slimmed down. He also attends various other parties as Santa and any donations he receives he contributes to the Cadets Committee. He is available for any of your home or office parties. Ken is professional and courteous, and represents our Kiwanis Club well, in his meetings with the Cadet League. It is a pleasure for us that Ken has returned to our club, and we are thankful for his contribution to our sponsored youth. Ken, thank you for Making a Difference in the lives of our youth!


Congratulations to Patrick McGarry who won the raffle of $37 from the 50/50 draw, and thank you Patrick, for donating it back to the club, as per President Peter’s suggestion! Thank you all for contributing, $74 was raised for our General Account. NOTE The Kiwanis office depends on the members of the Club to provide raffle prizes in the area of $25 value. The raffles raise about $3000 a year for our General Account which helps to cover our administrative expenses. IF you have any items that you would like to donate, please contact the office. Items can be certificates to dinner, hockey games, books, bottle of liqueur, tickets to the theatre, gift baskets with coffee, chocolates, etc.

Next Luncheon

Friday, November 14, 2008 12:15-1:45 p.m. Fairmont Chateau Laurier, 1 Rideau St. Ottawa, ADAM Room Jean Vaillancourt, Manager of Operations, Welcome to Hockey Country The 2009 IIHF World Junior Championship” The World Juniors hockey tournament is an annual holiday tradition for millions of Canadians. This year, the tournament will be right here in Ottawa…in the heart of Hockey Country! The 2009 IIHF World Junior Championship will be the largest sporting event ever hosted in Ottawa. Learn more about the event and its impact on our community.

ALSO, Kiwanis “One Can Make A Difference” Charity Golf Tournament, Welcome and Recognition of our Corporate Sponsors

Committee Meetings

Mon. Nov 10: Golf Wrap-up 12:00 Apollo Property Management, Program 7:00 pm Wayne Beaudoin’s Tues. Nov 11: Membership 5:00 Dawn Morewood’s office Wed. Nov 12: Young Children’s Projects 12:00 Warren Gencher’s office, Corporate Membership 12:00 CHIMO Thu Nov 13: Key Club 8:00 Trane Mon. Nov 17: BOARD OF DIRECTORS meeting Staples, 5:30 pm Thu. Nov 20: Medical Foundation 6:00 Dominic Ferrarotto’s office

Luncheon Line-up - BE SURE TO JOIN US and INVITE A GUEST….

Nov 21: Scott Bradford, Ottawa Boys and Girls Club

Nov 28: General W.J. Natynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces

Dec 5: Round Table at Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Dec 7: ** Sunday – Family Christmas Party 12:00 – 2:00 Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Dec 12: Peter Tilley, Ottawa Food Bank

Dec 19: Members Christmas Party – more to follow soon

Dec 26: No Luncheon Meeting scheduled

Kiwanis World Trivia Night

November 21, 2008, 7:00 start. “ We have passed the benefit of free registration for a team of 10, to 3 Kiwanis Clubs 1. Ottawa Vanier, 2. Manotick, 3. Ottawa . We have one FREE REGISTRATION left to give away. Could you contact me ASAP if you can form a new team. The undersigned and Glenn Pushman (LG Div 13) reserve the right to award registration to the team captain. Great opportunity to form team with members, potential members, friends of Kiwanis etc. A really fun event. Lt. Governor Sam Bhargava us.bhargava@rogers.com. ALSO Trivia organizers need raffle prizes valued at approx $100 or $200. Any help would be appreciated. 2. There are volunteer opportunities for Kiwanis Members/friends of Kiwanis on Friday evening Nov 21 and the evening before. Please contact Volunteer coordinator Lourdie at lcox@casott.on.ca We will have a Divison 12&13 Membership table, standup banners, and a video of Kiwanis projects, running throughout the event - a great opportunity to inform potential members of the good work of Kiwanis. Following link will give you information about Kiwanis World Trivia Night http://www.worldtrivianight.com/register.html

Members Kiwanis Christmas Party

The Interclub, Sports and Social Committee invite you to the Kiwanis Christmas Party (Members), Friday, November 28, 2008 at Villa Lucia, 3430 Carling Ave, Nepean, On Cost: $50.00 per person Cocktails/Cash Bar 6:30 p.m. Dinner at 7:30 p.m., Dancing at 9:00 p.m. If you can, please bring an inexpensive unwrapped gift for ages 6-12 to delight the children of Connaught Public School For more information contact Bob Garrow, Chair of Interclub Intercub

Opportunity with Kanata Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Kanata presents ”An Evening with the new Justice Supreme Court Judge, Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein”. Justice Rothstein will be speaking on the workings of the Supreme Court. Tuesday, December 2nd 2008, Kanata Legion, 70 Hines Road, Kanata. Reception 6:00 p.m, Dinner 7:00 p.m Beef Tenderloin & Salmon. $30.00 at Door, Program 8:00pm - Guest Speaker Supreme Court Justice Marshall Rothstein Funds raised to the Kanata Food Cupboard! Donations of baby food & Diapers would be appreciated For Information Rsvp Steve Sharlow 613-253-1662 ssharlow@magma.ca If you are interested in joining an Interclub with a group from our club, please contact Bob Garrow at 613-733-7721 or email bob.garrow@rogers.com

Annual Family Christmas Party

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa invites you to attend their Annual Family Christmas Party, Sunday, December 7, 2008, 12:00 – 2:00 Fairmont Chateau Laurier Ballroom, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa *** Hot Sit-down Meal with a Special Dessert / Cash Bar *** Entertainment by Dominic D’Arcy and his Rising Stars, Clowns, jugglers, elves and, of course, Santa!! To help us order the correct amount of food and enough “goodie bags” for the children, please fax the following information to the Kiwanis office at 613-233-3718 by Monday, Dec 1, or email your guests’ names to ritaharper@ottawakiwanis.org.

Memories and Dreams, by Lorne L. Smith

In memory of the late Past President Lorne Smith, who always read one of his many poems at our Remembrance Day Luncheon, we are pleased to publish one of his poems from his book, “Memories and Dreams, by Lorne L. Smith Lorne joined the Stormont, Dundas and Glengary Highlanders on August 25, 1941. He went with his unit to the Uk in 1942 where they trained and prepared with the Allies for the D-Day invasion. Captain Lorne Smith's regiment, The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, were part of the Ninth Brigade, Third Canadian Division that landed at Juno Beach, France, on June 6, 1944. Lorne fought with his regiment through France, Holland and Germany until Ve Day. Captain Smith returned home late in 1945. ( Lorne Smith passed away at the age of 94 on March 16, 2008 )

D-Day, June 6, 1944

On the 5th of June, 1944, We boarded our small boats at Southampton: Tomorrow, in France, we’d open the door For millions under the heel of the Hun. We were the chosen troops, and had the chore, Of attacking the Nazis on the beach, Over in France, on the Normandy shore – To gain a beachhead for others to reach. The S.D.G. were Highland Infantry, From small towns in southern Ontario; For five years they’d trained, and they were ready – But, some wouldn’t see sunset, tomorrow. They were scared, or blasé, but all were brave; They came from small towns, and farms, and from school; And gave up their homes, so that they could save Others, downtrodden by the Nazi rule. Huddled together in our landing craft, Cold, and unhappy, but anxious to start, Most were on edge, you could tell when they laughed, But, they would be fine when time to depart. Some played cards, some talked, a few would just stare, Though, most thought of their loved ones, far away – Then up on the deck in the open air, The quiet voice of Padre said;Let’s pray. After supper, and a chance to rest, too, We were on our way – to death, or glory; But, each soldier felt that he would get through, And, would be a part of a great victory. It was a stormy night! Many were sick, But none of our training helped on that score – We, jokingly, said it was just a trick, To make us anxious to land on the shore. Our boat was covered with a musty net, To camouflage us from the enemy; So Nazi pilots wouldn’t be upset, When they saw Canadian infantry. Then, at last, weather began to improve, And we’d seen the end of the heavy rains; And, balloons, from boats, floated high above, To dissuade the low-flying German planes. We knew that we were only a small part of a great flotilla leaving Britain, And, that other craft were making a start, All the way from Scotland to Southampton. Above, the largest air armada known; And, helped by prayers from free people, at home But each boat felt in a world of its own, And each soldier felt very much alone. Suddenly, the day broke – France was in sight. We strained our eyes to try and see the shore, And, after traveling quietly, all night, We knew we would now hear noises of war. Boats by the hundreds, and planes by the score Were firing guns, rockets, and all the rest; And they were shooting back at us from shore – Our battle was beginning – in earnest. I took a last look at my photos, and Checked gun, and kit, and was ready to jump Just as soon as our boat would hit the sand – And, that throbbing sound was my own heart pump. With a slight jar, our boat stopped, front went down; We shouted, and yelled, for now we were there; Leaped in the water, hoped he wouldn’t drown, On the beach of Normandy, near Bernières. Across sand, up the road, each of us runs; Some didn’t make it, and lay on the beach, Along with burned boats, vehicles, and guns – But we re-grouped in the way that they teach. Still a thousand miles, or so, yet to go, But we knew we had won the first few feet; And, in spite of much more war, and sorrow, Out first major hurdle was now complete. It’s thirty-three years, since that day in June, When in a few hours we lived a lifetime; But, every moment, from morning till noon, Was etched in my memory, for all time; The boats, and planes, and the sand on the shore; The rockets, and flares, lighting up the sky; The noise, and the horrible sounds of war – The wonderful soldiers, so soon to die. Annually, some of us get together, To reminisce, and talk of friends we knew; Of how we hoped the world would be better, When we did the things, that we had to do. We went to the war with stars in our eyes, Determined to defeat the enemy, So Nazis would not touch our families – Because, we felt, everyone should be free. How we’d like to talk, with many dear friends, Who cannot join us – they’re buried in France; And, if you really want to make amends, Then live in peace, and give all youth a chance. I just made a trip to the cemetery, To be with the biggest men that I’d met – Not men! Mostly boys, eighteen or twenty. What a tragic waste, if we just forget!

June 6, 1977 Lorne L. Smith