Weekly Meeting - Father's Day Luncheon - Legacy Fund Committee - Gervis Black

Reverend Gervis Black's sense of humour was refreshing as he focussed on 4 things that he has used in his life to get him through the day: 1. Don't get bent out of shape by setbacks; 2. Life is not what you find, it is what you create with what you have; 3. Stand for something; and, 4. Never lose your enthusiasm. He spoke of his appreciation for Kiwanis and how he treasures all the friends that he has made.

Thank you to George Perrin and former member, Paul Goyette, who said a few words in recognition of three 45-year Legion of Honour members: Earl Crowe, Sid Lithwick, and Tom Assaly. Their contribution to their community, and to Kiwanis since 1957, is commendable and worthy of special recognition.

Legacy Fund: Thanks go to Robert Houle, Vice-Chair of the Legacy Fund Committee, for reminding us that this Fund can accept Gifts through a bequest in our Will, a life insurance policy, donating RRSPs, or a specified sum of cash. There are tax benefits available to you, and the income-earning endowment for the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa will allow our club to continue its work in the community long after we are gone. President's thought for the week: Silence is not only golden, it is seldom misquoted.

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