Weekly Meeting - Father George Sinclair

George Sinclair, who was speaking as "a guy" and not a priest or a marriage counsellor, was humourous and delightful as he gave some pointers to improve your marriage. He recommends these to the many couples he sees, and has noticed that his own marriage has benefitted as well.

1. Hold your wife's hand in public to show you like her. 2. Bring her flowers for no reason at all. 3. Call her when you have to work late, or are travelling 4. Share your weaknesses as intimacy keeps you close 5. Don’t speak ill of your mate to your friends or peers. 6. Affair-proof your marriage 7. Avoid girlie magazines/porn 8. In hard times, seek help not allies. 9. Pray for your wife and marriage. This IS a long-term investment.

Presidents' thought for the Week: I never knew what real happiness was until I was married, and then it was too late!

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