Weekly Meeting - Family Holiday Party

What a party!! President-Elect Derek Finley had time for just a few words and then the festivities took over. We have received many email and phone messages thanking the club for such a lovely party for the children. A great turnout with 205 people in attendance, 70 children under 12! We should be proud of our ability to offer such an occasion for the children.

Thank you to the Music Committee for kicking off the entertainment with Christmas carols, and to Dominic D'Arcy for providing the Rising Stars, who always involve the children. They really enjoy that. The clowns, mascots and the juggler did a great job, but the real highlight is always, Santa! Thanks Santa, for your never-ending patience and for your attention to the kids.

Thank you to the Fairmont Chateau Laurier for arranging for us to be in the Adam Room, as our numbers grew, and for making the room look so festive. The parade of lights on the Baked Alaska is always a thrill, for the adults too. The Programme sub-committee, led by Lee Storm, pulled it all together so easily, and did a fine job.

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