Weekly Meeting - EC&C District Governor Bill Stuart’s visit

Governor Bill spoke on volunteerism and the need for more people to contribute on a steady basis. He noted that many people want short-term involvement and organizations are looking for a regular base of volunteers that they can call upon. He also suggested that Kiwanis clubs look at altering themselves to be more community-based, rather that meeting-based. In order to draw in more members we must ensure that their commitment offers them what they need to feel good about themselves and their community. Governor Bill congratulated our club on 85 years of community service and challenged us to the next 85 years!Thanks to Mark Max and the Music Committee who put on a great performance for Governor Bill Stuart and his wife Faye (Mark and Bill and Faye are ex Fisher Park students, and had a great time with the school song.) It made us very proud to see so many visiting Kiwanians at our luncheon!

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