Weekly Meeting - Dr. Zussam on globalization

A big Thanks to Maurice Powers who Chaired this weeks meeting. We were fortunate enough to have Dr. David Zussman, President of the Public Policy Forum as a guest . Dr. Zussman spoke eloquently about topics such as globalization and governance. Some interesting facts regarding economic ties with the United States were also disclosed.

Also BIG NEWS was officially announced that Rita Harper, Administrative Secretary, will be leaving the Kiwanis Office after 8 years. Rita and husband Andy are fulfilling a long-time dream and moving to Victoria, BC in early Fall.

Thought for the Week! There are mountains we need to climb. But the mountains standing in our way, are only in our mind. And the risk of going nowhere, is the greatest risk of all. So just listen to the voice within, to catch you if you fall. Lyrics from “On the Other Side”

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