Weekly Meeting - Dr. Todd Norton on nutrition

As President John said, some of our best speakers are our members. Dr. Todd Norton explained how the 'good guys and the bad guys' in our intestines can have a negative affect on our health, and how we can eliminate the toxins to keep our immune systems working strong. He also explained how food sensitivities and food allergies can be pinpointed and eliminated which would allow optimum health and free of us many of our common ailments.

Steps to Optimizing Your Health

1. Work to remain at your ideal body weight - 20% of risk attributable to breast cancer is being overweight.

2. Saturated fat intake should be low - no more than 20% of calories

3. Use Olive Oil, Peanut Oil or Canola Oil - less carcinogenic.

4. Orange, yellow, red and green fruit and veggies. highest 20% intake of Vit A led to a 20-30% decrease in breast cancer.

5. Cruciferous veggies - broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, increase liver detox enzymes

6. Increase intake of soy based foods

7. Add flax powder to your diet - can help protect against prostate and breast cancer.

8. Use wheat bran fibers - pulls estrogen out through bowel

9. Regular exercise - 4 hours week

10. Two Alcohol drinks per day increase breast cancer risk

11. Fortify diets with antioxidant supplements: 500-1000 Vit C, 200- 400 Vit 4, 7500 IU Vit A, 500-1000 Calcium, 10-2000 IU Beta Carotene 50-100 mcg Selenium

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