Weekly Meeting - Dr. Stern - Management Approach of Cancer Treatment

Dr. Hartley Stern gave a very clear slide presentation on the Ottawa Hospital and the new role of the Civic, General and Riverside Hospitals. He stated they are focussing on the new opportunity of having to remodel their facilities to bring better care to patients. Dr. Stern spoke on the deficiencies of the current system which cause delays for patients wanting to get into the Cancer Centre and highlighted some of the new services available including assessment and supportive care for families. He also gave some startling statistics on the incidences in prostate and breast cancer and stressed that more education is needed for prevention. The future of our children and grandchildren depends on it.

President’s Rose

President Ian was pleased to present the Rose to Bob Kingham for all the work he has done for our club, including the personal time he has spent on the computerized Attendance Program.

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