Weekly Meeting - Dr. Rosanne Runte - Carleton University

Dr. Rosanne O’Reilly Runte’s enthusiasm and respect for Carleton University was evident when she stressed that we have a wonderful university system in Canada. Universities play an important role for our future entrepreneurs, and they provide a creative spark for setting up new ventures, and for attracting new business. With support from the community leaders, such as they received from the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, and Dr. Kanta Marwah’s contribution, they ensure that all students are given a chance to strive for excellence. We must allow universities to be creative and innovative, and to reach out to their community to help with their vision. Be proud, and celebrate our cultures – we are capable of leading the world.

Raffle Prize

Congratulations to Past President Rick Barrigar who won the pink thermos donated by Warren Gencher and Brymark Promotions. Thank you all for your contribution, $78 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $52.