Weekly Meeting - Dr. Gad Perry, Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre

David Daubney, Chair of the Medical Foundation Committee, gave a brief history of the Foundation which was founded in 1981 after Dr. McLaughlin challenged the committee to raise $25,000, with the promise to match the funds 4 to 1. You guessed it - the challenge was met and the fund now sits at approximately $700,000.

The fund is administered by 9 Trustees and the principle is also funded by bequests, In Memoriam donations and other donations from members of the club. The interest income of about $45,000 per year is used to fund medical research and other medical programs.

Dr. Gad Perry spoke on the general causes of cancer including family history, environment and smoking. He highlighted prostate cancer which affects 1 in 10 men, and stressed that all men over 50 should be tested for early detection. With continuing research and new developments, better care is now available with surgery, ultrasound and therapy.

Thought For The Week Don’t squat with your spurs on.

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