Weekly Meeting - Dr. Colin Park, Canadian Coast Guard DFO “ Climate Change: The Reality, The Consequences”

A great meeting at the Delta Ottawa Hotel, which was part of our change in venue and day of the week. Dr. Colin Park gave a PowerPoint presentation on the changes in our ecosystems, and the effects of global warming, stressing that mankind IS the cause, however ,the speed of change and the effects are of greater concern. The Arctic is increasingly ice-free, with the melting of glaciers adding to the rise in ocean levels; the polar bears are hunting on thin ice; more storms and floods; more droughts; decline in migration of certain species; and movement of disease. Ozone depletion will cause a greater increase in ultraviolet damage and increased forest fires. What can you do? raise awareness, consume less, insulate more, use less energy, park your car and walk or bicycle.

Thought For The Week: The most reckless and absurd aspirations have sometimes led to extraordinary success.

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