Weekly Meeting - Don Drummond - Chief Economist TD Canada Trust

Don Drummond headlined his speech indicating that it is time for an ambitious vision of Canada's future. He indicated that he felt an overwhelming civic duty to offer his advice on how the next Prime Minister should guide our country. He suggested setting ambitious goals with bold plans to realize them, which included: paying down the public debt by curbing healthcare costs and improving the management of taxpayers money; reducing income taxes to sharpen the incentive for Canadians to work, save and invest; increase spending in areas such as defence, post-secondary education and infrastructure; revisit our approach to the Kyoto Accord and link it to broader environmental concerns; redesign our income transfer system; and, mend the fence with the United States, while preserving our sovereignty.

The Bed Race Committee was on hand with a couple of beds to provide the formal announcement for the 2004 Bed Race to be held on February 14th on Dows Lake. You can contact Brian Kloppenburg, Alison Poirier or Pat Charbonneau about putting in a team.

President David's thought for the week: As was said to him by Tip O'Neil: There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

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