Weekly Meeting - Dennis Timbrell, CEO of the Ottawa Hospital

Dennis Timbrell, Supervisor of the Ottawa Hospital announced today the appointment of Dr. Jack Kitts as the Hospital's President and Chief Executive Officer and Gino Picciano as Hospital Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer with throngs of media in attendance. He announced, as well, the creation of a new 15 member hospital board April 1st to replace the previous board that was dismissed with David Levine in October. Our member, and former Ottawa Mayor, Jackie Holzman and Pierre Richard will help Mr. Timbrell choose the Board. He walked us through five months of meeting the challenges, finding the right CEO, balancing the budget, revenue initiatives, service redesign, departmental streamlining, and at the same time moving forward with capital expansion approvals and other initiatives. A strong believer in "Every problem has both a solution and a cause and unless you find both your job isn't done" he left us with the firm belief that when he leaves in May he, with his team will have found both and implemented the solutions to move forward.

Thought for the Week: How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you’re on.

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