Weekly Meeting - David Cork - Author of 'The Pig and The Python'

David Cork noted that he was born at the latter end of the baby boom, which was from 1946 - 1964. He questioned the media statement that the Baby Boomers are at half-time, stressing that we are just getting started! Thanks to David for the 30 copies of his 2 books, which he donated and put on the tables for our members .

David reviewed some recent trends, such as people moving to the city and health factors that are allowing us to live longer. He quoted Mr. McGuinty, "if we continue the way we are going, we will only have enough in our government budget for a Minister of Health". He was happy to announce that we are in good shape economically, and that the boomers are buying houses much later in their life, something their parents would never have done. Paradoxically, we don't feel we are doing as well as our parents.

Thought for the week: The best way to approach the future is to focus on past events that will predictably effect the next several decades. Peter Drucker

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