Weekly Meeting - Dave Brown the Ottawa Citizen

President David had a full house today, and it was nice to see many members who have returned from Leave of Absence. Dave Brown was entertaining, as he stated, "After 1,000 columns and 75,000 words, what can I possibly have left to say". Dave spoke of his career reiterating that he never lost his sense of wonder. He has touched many lives and even while he shared in their tragedy, he always felt lucky and has no regrets for the path he chose.

Thank you to Maurice Powers and Jane Flain for their musical tribute to Father Bill More, for all he does for this club. Father Bill, you are a good friend to all of us!

President's Thought for the week: Remembering the 1st Object of Kiwanis International, "To Give Primacy to the Human and Spiritual, rather than the material values of Life" , David stressed how really important we are to each other.

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