Weekly Meeting - Darrell Fox (Terry Fox's brother)

Darrell Fox spoke about his older brother, the late Terry Fox, explaining how he idolized him and how Terry was a great inspiration to many. He stressed how important the Terry Fox Foundation is to cancer research - 22 years later - noting that Terry's chance of survival, which was only 20% in 1981, would've been at least 80% today. "If you believe in yourself, anything is possible!".

Thanks to Past President Ed Healey, who chaired the official induction of 8 new members who joined our club since April 2003. As Ed mentioned, when you get involved, everyone benefits.

Thank you to Mike St. Louis who orchestrated our Bean Bag toss-off with proceeds of over $500. Doug "bada bing bean bag" Wilson out-tossed Ian "the bean-bag counter"Hendry and walked away with a Philips AM/FM Stereo CD Player. Thank you all for contributing.

President David's thought for the week: After 3 weeks in this job, I wish I could be half as sure of anything, as some people are of everything.

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