Weekly Meeting - Daniel Igali - Canadian Olympian - "Creating opportunities for children to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives"

World Wrestling Champion and winner of the Gold Medal for Canada, Daniel Igali mentioned that he was flattered to be the guest speaker at our luncheon. With respect for all charitable organizations, Daniel is proud to be able to contribute to his community through the Igali Foundation, and noted that there is a power that comes with the recognition of amateur sports. He always had a dream to come to Canada, to win the Olympics, and now to build a school in his home town. "The rent that we pay to live on this earth, is to help your fellow man".

President's Thought for the Week: Daniel Igali's middle name which was given to him by his father, is Baraladei which means – "I got all I wanted" . A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.

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