Weekly Meeting - Dan Gardner "Decriminalization of Drugs"

Dan Gardner spoke on this very perplex subject stating his opinion of the legalization of drugs and/or alternative methods of control. He feels the criminal prohibition of drugs, not the drugs themselves, is at the root of much of the violence and corruption. When drug cartels and traffickers are cleared out they often shift to the poorest countries and bring their corruption with them. The current drug policy forces people toward the most dangerous uses of drugs and addiction, and the government needs to look at ways of control that are better for public health and safety.

Murray McKeage, Chair of the Membership Committee, conducted a roll call at our luncheon meeting to introduce select members to the audience. With 220 members it is very possible that you are not completely aware of who you are sitting beside. This is a good way to highlight newer members as well as long-term members. If you would like to conduct our monthly roll call, please contact Murray.

President's thought for the Week: I think, therefore I am single.