Weekly Meeting - Circle K Luncheon / St. Patrick’s Day

The Circle K Clubs at Ottawa and Carleton University led a good luncheon today complete with a fine session - which was very profitable for them - and the raffle of a baseball cap from each university. Thank you to the Music Committee for leading us in our St. Patrick's Day music.

A former Key Clubber and Circle K'er, President Rick spoke of attending several Kiwanis Club of Ottawa luncheons when he was a young lad. He stressed that the Kiwanis involvement in Sponsored Youth is a terrific training ground and provides a forum for development of future community leaders. In his case, a great loyalty to Kiwanis was also formed.

“Be proud that you are funding and supporting the movers and shakers of tomorrow, the community leaders of the future".

 Thought for the Week: Don't hate - it's too big a burden to bear. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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