Weekly Meeting - Chief of Nisga'a Joseph Gosnell, Nisga'a Treaty

Nisga'a Chief Joseph Gosnell spoke very candidly about the history of the Nisga'a tribe and the issues surrounding the Treaty which is of critical importance to the Nisga'a. Passing of the Agreement will be a triumph for the Nisga'a people as it will allow their people to make their own mistakes, to savor their own victories and to stand on their own feet.

Joseph Gosnell Chief of the Nisga'a Nation. Born in the rugged and isolated northwest corner of British Columbia, Chief Gosnell will be speaking to us on the very timely topic of the Nisga'a Final Agreement, a Bill which will end economic uncertainty and create a stable climate for growth in northern BC. This Bill , a testament to the spirit and intent of "Gathering Strength - Canada'a Aboriginal Act" is a historic milestone. "The Treaty signifies our willingness as a society to reconcile major historical and cultural differences through negotiation while respectingthe rights of all Canadians".

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