Weekly Meeting - CHEO Capital Campaign - Arnie Vered

Weekly meeting held at the Chateau Laurier at 12:30 p.m. President John was very proud, and, in his year as President he has a right to be for making this fanastic announcement of the $1 Million Leadership Gift pledged to the CHEO Capital Campaign by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and the Kiwanis Clubs in Divisions 12 and 13.
Mr. Arnie Vered, Chair of the CHEO Capital Campaign, in accepting our donation, said not only is our gift the largest external gift their campaign has received to date, it is the single largest gift ever made to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in its 26 years of operation! It has been earmarked in support of cardiology services at CHEO and, in recognition of Kiwanis' excellent support of, and partnering with CHEO, Mr. Vered announced the the cardiology clinic at CHEO has been renamed and will now and in perpetuity be know as the "KIWANIS CARDIOLOGY CLINIC".