Weekly Meeting - Carole Stephenson, Canadian President of Lucent Technologies

Carol Stephenson, President and CEO of Lucent Technologies Canada, upbeat and forthright spoke with humour and passion about her arrival at Lucent in July of 1999, of the 'thrill of the ride up' and the 'shock of the ride down', of the values that brought her there and continue to make it the company that it is - their commitment to innovation, open communication, openness to change, the sense of community. She spoke of the many faces of change, the excruciating pain, the invigoration, the frustrations, and the rewards. Having survived the first round of transformation, she spoke of the qualities she felt were mandatory in any Leader, leading during transformational change - the need for a clarity of focus, to focus on a sound plan and to not lose sight of it; to retain the underlying values of the company in all planning and change, to keep them at the focal centre; the need for the leader and the leadership team to be open and accessible with open, transparent communications and involvement of everyone; the need for the leaders to truly set the tone for the organization, the emotional intelligence, ' positive emotional leadership'; and, the need to find meaning in the time of chaos, to lead a community providing emotional cues and maintaining the sense of community and caring. Her presentation challenged all of us to reflect on how we do our business. How do we lead?

Thought for the Week: Destiny is not a matter of ‘chance’, it is a matter of ‘choice’.

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