Weekly Meeting - Cadets Luncheon, Major General Petras, Chief-Reserves & Cadets

A PROUD DAY as we witnessed the symbolic ribbon-cutting to officially open the two Kiwanis Classrooms at the new Canadian War Museum, and the coming together of everyone who made it happen. The members of our Passing The Torch Committee had a vision that would focus on Youth and Education, and this dream has come true, with our club's fundraising efforts reaching $114,000. Kiwanis has a place in the Museum for all to see.

The Cadets were in fine form as the Band and the Drill Team welcomed everyone with their presentations. Warrant Officer Michael Gauthier spoke on his seven years with the Kiwanis 211 Air Cadets, and Master Warrant Officer Joshua Hyland of the Governor General's Foot Guard Cadets spoke on what being a Cadet means to him.

The line of command continued as Major General Petras spoke on the the leadership offered to the Cadets and Kiwanis' visible support of their programs. There are 55,000 Cadets in 300 towns and cities in Canada, and 6,700 officers, citizens, volunteers and parents, support their mandate "Service Before Self ".

Thought For the Week:  The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.

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